Vinyasa Flow

Using a combination of flowing postures and alignment tips to help you deepen your physical practice and connect with yoga in your everyday life, this class offers a moderate workout and a deep stretch.

All Levels

This class is similar to our Align & Flow classes but with gentler poses and slower transitions from one movement to the next. (Beginner Friendly)

Mellow Flow

Mellow flow was created with idea that self love and self care is the most important gift we can give ourselves. This gentle flow class speaks to the physical, emotional and spiritual aspects of our being by holding the restorative postures using bolsters, blocks and blankets.  The idea is to relax into a series of deep stretching poses and create the space we need for personal investigation to better serve ourselves in all areas of our lives.

Align & Flow

All of our classes are designed to strengthen and stretgh your body  through the physical practice of yoga. Each teacher will offer detailed alignment cues and hands on adjustments to safely take you through a physical practice that leaves you feeling empowered, rejuvenated and excited for your next chance to practice with us. At times we offer breath instruction, yogic philosophy and motivational quotes during our classes to help you deepen your practice.


Take your favorite parts of a vinyasa practice and mix in everything you love about a relaxing mellow flow class, that’s what you can expect from Yin-Yasa.

 Walking Group

Join Life Coach Emily Neto for an all levels walking group for yogis and nature lovers! Add some light cardio into your weekly routine with a walk through Hardee Park. Start your day with an hour of walking, talking and community. Emily will add interval training options which can be done at your own comfort level.

After our first group walk on April 5th, we will head to Books, Bagels & Beans (482 US Hwy 1 ste.2) for breakfast and time to hang out:)

Yoga For Healthy Joints

This class offers a gentle stretch and simple movements to help gain mobility in your joints. Perfect for anyone looking for a gentle class and designed to be senior friendly.

Yoga Sculpt

This practice combines challenging pose variations and weights to offer a toning practice that will leave you sweaty and sore in all the right places.


This class is taught by students in our Yoga Teacher Training course. Check on Facebook to see the daily schedule or to find the most up to date info on the practice.

Chair Yoga

In chair yoga you can expect sitting postures and standing postures (using the chair for optional support) designed to strengthen and stretch the body. This class is perfect for someone who has a hard time getting up and down from the floor easily. Along with the physical practice this class offers a unique community of dedicated seniors and is part of our program in which we offer special pricing to make it more accessible for seniors. $25 a month includes this class and Yoga for Healthy Joints.

Vino Vinyasa

(level 1.5)

Wind down at the end of your week with a DONATION based all levels flow. We proudly present to you Vino Vinyasa! Each week Ashleigh will guide you through a fun flow that will deserve a glass of vino at the end! You will have a choice of 1 glass of red or white wine, INCLUDED in your donation. ~ Let’s flow together, enjoy a beverage and be mErRy every Friday starting February 5th from 5:30-6:30 ~ cheers!

Yoga & A Brew

Join Sebastian Yoga and Pareidolia Brewing Company Wednesdays May 20th – June 27th, from 6:30- 5- 6 pm for an all levels yoga class with Durgaya, under the sky, and a post yoga craft beer! The fun starts at 5 pm with an hour of yoga; bring your mat and yoga props. Class is $5 for SYS members and $10 for non-members (cash or check only). An SYS member is someone who can month pass… Class will be held outside at Pareidolia Brewing Co. Company, email for details!

Hips & Hamstrings Flow

This Vinyasa based practice will bring freedom and mobility into your movements, help relive lower back tension and lengthen muscles that are shortened by everyday activities.  We will focus not only on stretching your hips and hamstrings but also increasing the elasticity of these areas to prevent future injuries.

PTX Therapy

This class consists of simple timed moments to realign the body and address chronic issues including symptoms of: aches & pains, tears & pulls, weakness & sprains, crunching & crackling, numbness or pins & needles.

Kundalini Yoga

Kundalini Yoga (as taught by Yogi Bhajan) is the yoga of awareness, and it uses the many limbs of yoga to bring us quickly and powerfully to our potential. This introductory class will guide you through foundational elements of Kundalini Yoga and is appropriate for all levels.  You can expect yoga postures, mantra, pranayam (breath work), meditation and a place of welcome and acceptance.

Yoga 101

This class is designed to introduce yoga to the absolute beginner.  A Hatha-based practice blended with other styles of yoga to ensure a full-body stretch, breath work and relaxation. This is “feel good yoga” at its best.  Never the same class from week to week!