Namaste from India

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Today after breakfast we went into town…started with some really good chai tea at a local stand. We walked across a bridge that took us into the shopping area, local street vendors and local people shopping. But what was amazing was that the the Ganga River was right there… here it is Sunday early afternoon a lot of the locals and a few visitors were bathing in the river…it’s suppose to be very cleansing, healing and spiritual. Some local vendors even sell plastic bottles so you can take water with you, (no I did not get in….not yet anyway but I will). It was a gorgeous day and beautiful sight to see people of all ages enjoying the river. Picked up a couple of things shopping, not much though.

Later on during the evening we had our opening pooja ceremony at the studio. Very nice, but I’ve experienced pujas before at Kashi Ashram so very similar but at a smaller scale. We all received our bindi (red dot on forehead) with a few grains of rice which is for abundance (in everything in your life).


Carmen Lewis

Co-Owner Sebastian Yoga

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